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Elimination of Bias in the Legal System– Cognitive Bias; Avoiding Mistakes in Decisions and Judgments in the face of uncertainty.

Myer J. Sankary teaches attorneys and other professionals about the origins of bias and how attorneys and professionals can manage bias to reduce certain types of thinking and judgment that are adverse to clients and the legal system. In addition to being a full time mediator, Mr. Sankary has had the privilege of studying with renowned neuroscientists around the world. This exploration and learning of the neurosciences has given Mr. Sankary new insight into how our brains function and how our decisions are formulated. The main topics covered include how bias is created, how the mind and behavior works, and how bias plays out in making decisions in the courtroom and in the office. Further topics discussed by Mr. Sankary include types of bias, the effects of bias, bias in jury selection, implicit social cognition & bias, how to manage bias, bias prevention training, snap judgments & stereotypes, organizing principle of the brain, warmth vs. competence, the SCARP Model, mindfulness and how to reduce bias.

In January,2017, Mr. Sankary presented the MCLE program on “Recognizing and Mitigating Bias in the Legal Profession and Society;new perspectives from the cognitive sciences.” to four different audiences:

Mr. Sankary was the moderator and presenter for the national Lexis-Nexis Webinar with a panel of experts including Professor Justin Brooks, Director of the California Innocence Project, Phyllis Cheng, former Director of the California Fair Employment and Housing Department and Carol Newman, Esq., former president of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, and leader in the LGBTQ community. The program included the following description:

“Scientific research informs us that elimination of bias is not possible, but can be managed. Bias is an automatic instinctive human process in response to our perceptions — even in those who insist they are not bias. In this 95-minute, CLE and ethics-eligible program, learn the science behind bias and key strategies for managing and mitigating it in your legal practice and in life. Attorneys from any size organization and any practice area will benefit.”

Get insight on:

  • Why we still need an MCLE program on bias
  • What we can learn from science about different types of bias
  • In-group and out-group bias and stereotyping
  • “Implicit” v. “explicit” bias
  • Current examples of the effects of bias and discrimination in the legal system and larger society
  • Managing bias in our personal and professional lives and the role of lawyers as leaders in addressing the effects of bias throughout society.”

Viat this link to access the program


The second program in January was presented by Mr. Sankary to the national law firm of Musick Peeler Garrett in Los Angeles, The third program was presented at the San Fernando Valley Bar Association with Carol Newman. The fourth program was presented by Mr. Sankary to the law firm of Knapp Peterson in Glendale.

Mr. Sankary also presented a fifth program featuring two areas of his expertise to the Association of Strategic Planners, on the subject of “Persuasion and Cognitive Biases; How to be more productive, persuasive and to avoid cognitive bias mistakes in your busines and profession,” based on the works of Prof. Robert Cialdini and the works of Daniel Kahneman and Moshe Twersky.

Mr. Sankary is available to give presentation on these topics of importance to associations and organizations. Call for more information. 818-231-2965

What people are saying:

  • “Great Course! Relevant and interesting.” – Lorraine (Delmar, NY)
  • “Having the various biases set forth and addressed was very enlightening. Delineating them was important to the understanding of how bias works” – TIMOTHY E.
  • ” This was an excellent course. ” – Carole
  • “Best MCLE elimination of bias course I’ve taken to date ” – Nina
  • “Good use of the old movie clip!” – Susan
  • “this was a great course – interesting topic and very well presented! ” – Emily (Granite City, IL)
  • “No. Just a comment that this was the most inspiring and honest seminar that I have witnessed. If everyone could be as sincere this country would be even greater.” – Robert
  • “Very good presentation” – Peter
  • “Very timely. Up-to-the minute examples.” – Jennifer
  • “incredible…never thought this course would be that interesting.” – Kelly
  • “Excellent! This amazed me with its timeliness, and I loved the inclusion of the video of the old movie about a jury.” – Wendy

Applying the Science of Influence and Persuasion for Success in Negotiations

Mr. Sankary frequently presents programs to businesses, law firms, accounting firms, and associations about applying the Science of Influence and Persuasion for Success in Negotiations based on the work of Dr. Robert Cialdini. Call or email for information.