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This article was presented at the SCMA Conference on November 5th, 2005.

The best mediators know how to do it! They can tell you what they do, but few understand why it works. They don’t realize that there is a social science that explains why their techniques are so successful. This program will provide you with an innovative framework that tells you why people say yes under the influence of persuasion. The six universal principles of persuasion are based not only on theories from academic research but also from real world experience of what works in the market place where persuasion is used to survive and to flourish. This program is based on the original work of Dr. Robert Cialdini, one of the leading experts in this subject and will be presented by Myer J. Sankary, a graduate of the Harvard Law School, ’65. Sankary is the only attorney and mediator trained and certified by Dr. Cialdini to teach the Principles of Persuasion workshop. This entertaining and interactive program has been presented by Mr. Sankary to hundreds of MBA students at USC Marshall School of Business, to attorneys at the State Bar of California, at local bar associations and law firms, as well as to human resource consultants, strategic planners, business consultants, and managers of a numerous organizations.

Click here to read the article (pdf file):
SCMA – Applying the Social Science of Persuasion – Nov 2005.pdf

Mr. Sankary will be conducting a workshop for the legal department at Merck & Co., Inc. on November 11th, 2005 and a two day Cialdini Principles of Persuasion workshop will be announced for March of 2006. If you have an interest, please email us at: info@usinginfluence.com