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Welcome to my mediation website. This website provides valuable information about mediation and how conflicts can be resolved through this dynamic process with the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced impartial mediator. Unresolved conflicts often spiral out of control and inflict irreparable financial and emotional harm to the parties and their relationships. I help people find personalized solutions to reduce the cost, wasted time, anxiety, stress and uncertainty arising from conflict. With a combination of 50 years of legal experience including 20 years of mediation, I apply a variety of skills and knowledge to resolving disputes in litigation, probate and estates, trusts and wills, corporate, business, and real estate. I also mediate disputes involving community organizations, such as schools, sports organizations, and non-profit associations.
In addition, I also bring to the mediation process years of training, education, experience, and skill in negotiations, social sciences and psychology which I use to achieve resolution of disputes with the maximum satisfaction of parties beyond their expectations. I think of mediation like the balancing of stones pictured above. The image is a metaphor for the mediation process. There is often an imbalance in power between the parties. Parties are teetering on the edge of collapse. The mediator is trained to help restore the balance of power so that there is a fair resolution of the conflict for everyone. In mediation, the parties have the power for self-determination to fashion the outcome that best suits their needs. If you need more information about mediation, I will be happy to assist you by offering a free initial consultation. Please send me an email at myersankary@gmail.com

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